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If you don’t like the same wedding ceremony, why not have a unique, personalized wedding? The wedding be held in outdoor place, can be close to the nature and enjoy the good times.

To create a fairy tale appearance tent, there must be an emergency plan.

*Determine the size and type of the wedding tent. Private and intimate wedding tent are available, using more fashion festival, with more open atmosphere.

*Determine the theme and color of the wedding. Choose a suitable cooler scheme.

*Make sure you have enough restroom provided for guests.

*Knowing whether you need a alternator to illumination ahead of time. Ensure adequate light at night.

*Make sure there is enough packing lot.

*Put a quality floor mat in the entrance of the reception desk to help the guests clean their shoes.

You will never forgive this dream wedding.

Songpin Industrial Sdn.

Songpin Industrial Sdn.

Songpin Industrial Sdn.