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A study shows that contact natural light in dawn and dusk, can help us to synchronize our body’s biological clock to achieve synchronization state, it will be easier to fall asleep at night and the morning of the second day will wake up refreshed.

“At night increased exposure to natural light time and reducing the contact electric light of the time, we can get the body clock and sleep time natural biological regulation back, will be easier to wake to wake up in the morning.” Kenneth Wright, chief researcher at the University of Colorado in Boulder (Kenneth Wright) said.

During the experiment, eight adults were exposed to the electronic lighting environment at home and at work, to observe their sleep pattern and to measure the body’s internal clock.

Those who claimed to be a night owl, night sleep difficulties, they can get the greatest degree of regulation from the outdoor tent. Then, they did the same check on the camp in Colorado, a week of study participants did the same test, the light environment of the camp only sunshine during the day ,at night only a fire as a fire form.

In the experiment, volunteers stayed up until midnight, woke up at 8 in the morning. Scientists have found that artificial light causes the body’s internal clock to delay two hours. Even though the rest of the hours remained unchanged. But after a period of time in natural, their biological clocks and sleep pattern differed by two hours.

Although this sleep mode it’s not a feasible option for everyone, the scientist suggest other better strategies to synchronize our biological clock, so that we can wake up more clearly in the morning.

When working close to the window in the morning, get up from the seat to walk away, or go out for a walk at lunch time will help increase the chance of exposure to natural light. We also suggest that you dim the light, computer and television.

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